Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Banquet Hall

The first thing you should consider when planning your big day is to choose the perfect wedding venue. A fabulous venue can make your day even more special and memorable. If your wedding place is Brooklyn then you must know that there are ample beautiful wedding banquet halls in Brooklyn. One of these halls will […]

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Questions to ask to find the best birthday party hall in Brooklyn

The first question that you should ask to finalize a venue for throwing a birthday party must start with ‘where’. If you plan a small and private party in the backyard of your house, you won’t have to worry about booking a party hall. But, if it is all about your kid’s first birthday, your […]

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Here’s The Perfect Plan To Throw Your Baby Shower Party

The concept of the baby shower was introduced several years before. Today, it is celebrated all over the world for the would-be moms and their new bunch of joys. Though the ways to celebrate the baby shower is different in different countries, but the concept remains the same. The main purpose of this celebration is […]

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Make Your Thanksgiving Day Dinner a Splendid Affair at The Golden Hall Banquet

Thanksgiving is that part of the year, when the excitement about food is at its peak. Especially the dinners are extraordinary on this day, when we look forward to celebrate the harvest blessings and the preceding year with our loved ones. Hosting a thanksgiving sounds like a terrific idea, yet its execution is quite demanding. […]

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